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#Eczema –Part 2: Allergy Dietary – Food Elimination

Monday, 23 November 2015

Fighting with eczema is like riding a roller coaster, it scares the hell out of me. Every time I eat unusual, I afraid Leon eczema will haunt us again. Month goes by, even though the bad moment of Leon eczema has been passed, his skin still red and dry. I did my research through internet and elsewhere, looking for some information about eczema. Until later, I join in the forum mommies daily and there is a thread specializes for kid’s allergy. 

I read some people talk about food elimination based on Dr. Widodo’s allergy treatment and I tried it ever since. Even before I read those articles, I’ve tried not to eat food that contains egg, cow’s milk, nuts and seafood. But still, it doesn’t make Leon’s skin better. I was lack of knowledge and reckless, I’m not aware with the seasonings and any ingredients from what I ate. I avoided noodles and replaced it with kwetiau or bihun, but I didn’t realize that the seasonings of every Bakmi Bangka or any other bakmi’s stuff are using soy sauce, which is made of SOY. 

There are a lot of food made from soy, such as tahu, tempe, ketchup, soy sauce and oncom. Not to forget, any other nuts beside soy, red bean, black bean or green bean. Same things with egg, I have to avoid every food contains egg, such as PASTRIES, noodles, goreng-gorengan. I also need to avoid food contains cow’s milk and every food or drink with fermented milk like cheese, butter, yogurt and any other dairy products. I did eliminate my food by only ate rice with vegetables (people said if we allergy with egg, we also can’t eat the chicken, and if we allergy with cow’s milk, we can’t eat meat, too). But still, Leon’s skin doesn’t improving.

I, then, tried to avoid rice as well, and make a full commit to ‘clean eating’ until Leon’s skin get better. At the first ten days, I only ate boiled potatoes with vegetables. To complete my protein needs, I changed beef or chicken meat with bacon. I got steamed corn or ubi for snack, and drink a lot of fruit juices. It helps maintain my breastfed milk produces. 

After ten days and losing 5 kg (yep, the mother not the baby, mean while Leon weight raise 600 grams), thank God, Leon’s skin totally flawless! He also gain weight from 9 kg to 9,6 kg when he’s only four months old! I never felt so happy like this in my whole life. Because ever since I started my dietary, people around me keep asking the quality of my breastfed milk.

“The milk is too watery and it must not have enough nutrition, poor Leon, he didn’t get enough protein…”

“In the older era, there’s no such allergy and babies are fine with every foods….”

“Why don’t use any soap or baby’s skincare? How can he get clean and well?....”

People are busy judging and questioning, they said my breastfed milk are unhealthy, too watery, lack of protein, doesn’t contains a complete nutrition, even dangerous. I was so desperate and sensitive heard all of those comments. I tried to keep my eye and ear shut, but deep down, I’m also being so doubtful. I want to believe my hard work and the trial could have been worked. 

Dee always one hundred percent supported me, he’s a supportive husband, he keep reminds me everything needs time. Time heals. And my patience and sincerity to put my kid over myself was paid with a momentous result. That’s why I was so happy. I can prove to those envious-annoying commenter that I can do it. Even I have to lose weight and limit my food, I still can give the best for Leon.

Some of you may a little curious, why Leon’s allergen are too many? And how exactly I can assure he got allergy with those food? Even before I tried to clean eating, I always be careful and try food by food with possibility of high risk allergy. After gave birth to Leon, I started to consume breastfeeding mother’s milk, Prenagen, to increase my breastfed milk. Then, after saw Leon’s skin that always turns so red after every time I drink the milk, I stopped it. 

After a week, his red skin turns better. I am an ice cream lover, and it’s so hard to just keep one day out of it. I cheated and ate McFlury with Milo, and the next day, Leon’s skin turns red and scaly again. Same thing goes with seafood and nuts, but the worst is egg.

The key is I need to always open my eyes wide open, note every food I ate, let the instinct tells. It doesn’t true that kid with allergy has to be tested with their allergen and that we have to added it bit by bit so they can immune with it. 

The more you added the allergen, the more their antibody worsen. There’s a story about woman with bad allergy, she has to eat seafood everyday even though her mother know that her daughter allergy with seafood. At first, she’s only got eczema after eating seafood but now, if she’s accidentally eat seafood, she only get less than ten minutes to go to hospital, because if she eat seafood she’ll get anaphylaxis. 

That’s why I can’t push Leon with his allergen, I need to be extra careful when trying new food for testing his allergy. As for now, I can make sure he only allergy with egg, cow’s milk, nuts and seafood. But it doesn’t mean I need to stay him out of it for his entire life, I still need to give him a try especially when he starts eating. Because some research said, allergy will get better in time, as the kid grow up. I wish it’ll be true. 

As I say, the hardest part of food elimination is how to be a hundred percent careful with its seasonings and ingredients.  When I shop snacks at the supermarket, I spent at least twenty minutes at the snack rack to read the ingredients. It was soooo damn hard, finding ‘clean’ snacks for me L And every time I eat at the restaurant, I need to ask the waiters the seasonings of their food. It annoys them, of course. I am become a noisy-captious customer. 

This is make my appetite lower and lower and lower, I used to be a food lover with big appetite. I love to eat, I mean, who don’t? Lol :-D
Now, I just eat as because I have to, I rarely snacking or having a dessert. People keep asking about my weight, because I lose weight significantly. 

I was 65 kg before starting this dietary, and now, I am 55 kg. I can say, I love it since this is make me skinnier, lol. But maybe, in the next few years, when Leon starts eating by himself and I no longer breastfed, I will never take any kind of diet anymore. I was ate boiled potatoes and veggie for only ten days, but it felt like I have no stamina, I was pale, faint and weak. I hardly concentrate and focusing on my daily routine. So, I will never, ever in my life, doing any dietary again.

Anyway, today is 23rd and my baby turning 5 months old. I, sometimes, still can’t believe I already become a mother. This boy means the world for me, his presence completed me, more than I ever imagined. Don’t grow too fast my cutie little pie 😚😚

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