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#Eczema –Part 1: Our worst nightmare

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Since you all may know, baby Leon got eczema which is cause by several allergen like foods and house dusts. He still drink breastfed milk, so I have to eliminate some food that worsen his eczema.

Until today, baby Leon still can’t tolerate egg, cow’s milk, nuts, sea fish, shrimps and crab. The hardest part isn’t about food elimination that I have to take, at first, I have to eat healthy food and make sure it ‘clean’, not clean as nothing dirt or bad food I should eat, but clean as means save for Leon eczema. 

Even when Leon only a few days old, his body skin never really flawless like how a baby skin should be. His cheek always red, some part of his body is dry and scaly. Dee and I were never realized what the causes, some people said the red cheek of the baby is because of the breastfed milk splattered all over his face.

Some people also said he got a dry skin because he can’t resist shower with hot water, and that we should put some lotion to moist his skin. I knew there was something more than just a breastfed rash or a dry skin, but I wasn’t sure. I had read some articles about eczema, too, and still clueless. I’ve been told to start eliminate some food with major possibility causing kid’s allergy, but I was so stubborn. I tried it for a few days and gave up easily.

Our worst nightmare came when Leon was two and a half months old. I remember it clearly, I was ate nasi kuning with bihun goreng and egg Dee had been cooked for me. Later, at night, Leon turned so fussy, he scrape his face on our shoulder and refused to be tucked in bed. His face turn so red and dry because he scrape it (he can’t scratch so scraping was his only way to express the itchiness).

Dee and I had to switched over during the night, made a shift to hold Leon all night long. My motherly instinct said there was something wrong, and the more I thought about it, I'm pretty sure Leon got allergic with egg. The next day, we looked a doctor who practiced on Sunday to check him up. 

This is the first doctor (and pretty sure, we won’t ever going back there again), he gave us some medicine that should not be given until the kid at least 2 years old, while Leon only TWO AND A HALF months old! He also prescribed an eczema cream to reduce the rash but it ended up worsen Leon’s skin. After two days, Leon didn’t get better at all, we looked for another doctor. The second doctor was an allergy and immunology expert, he’s not using any medicine to treat eczema, but with bio resonance therapy. Leon scheduled to do 6 sessions of this therapy, once a week. We decided to give this a try and give up with any medicine or the eczema cream (that contains Steroid).

And to help reduce the dryness and his rash skin, we just treat him with EVOO (extra virgin olive oil), it may not suddenly make the rash gone, but it help moist his skin and since this is natural oil, it’s not give any bad impact to Leon’s skin.

We stopped using his other skincare, any synthetic or chemical stuffs like his minyak telon, baby powder, baby oil, bath and body soap and any other things. I bought a homemade soap that contains goat milk and oat, it good for baby and the skin with eczema. Unlike the other babies whose get so smelly and have flawless skin, our baby just like this, smells not-so-baby. 

Every mother with eczema kid will know the feeling every time people seeing our kid red and dry cheek skin and ask “What is wrong with his face?”, I always smile and answer “Just allergy”. Having a kid is something new for me, nothing can’t describe the joy of being a mother.

We have to learn about the strengths we didn’t know we had and dealing with fears that we didn’t realize it existed. I feel grateful because God gave me a chance to breastfeed, so I can fight together with my baby. I get to eliminate my food which mostly the delicious food, so I can make sure everything I eat don’t cause his eczema.

I am now taking a full responsibility with Leon’s condition, and I’m not feeling so burden. I grateful because I can have this moment. I really can’t imagine other moms out there, who have not enough breastfed milk to their baby, they have to buy formula milk specialize for baby’s allergy which is cost more than average formula milk.

And when the baby is 6 months old, they starting to eat solid food. They have to try every food carefully to make sure the baby can take the food safely. Dramas about eczema kid, breastfeed mother and new parenthood wasn’t a very good combination. And I’ve been there. Nope, I am there! Going to post other part of this later. See you on my next post!

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