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Life as we know it

Monday, 17 October 2016

I've been put a lot of thoughts before writing this, I hope to anyone who read this post won't feel offended. We all agree that people are judging, no matter how good we are, they always pointed their finger upon us, see the worst part of ourselves, trying to find our mistakes instead of our achievements. As we are humans, we are imperfect, yet our lives full of messy things and we failed not only once or twice, but perhaps, several fckin times. It's not because we become idiots or too stupid to do those mistakes all over again, but simply because we are human. I did some stupid and not so good things to be done lately, I feel terrible and so much guilts.

Is this how life supposed to be? We, sometimes, fulfill our brain with a lot of thoughts that bothersome, but yet we forgot how to express it, how to share it with others, we busy keep it for ourselves. And by the mean time, all of the thoughts are just like a time bomb. It explodes when the time comes.

You may feel out of breath, things went crazy and seems like everything we've done never good enough. I did everything as best as I could yet things went all over its place, and that drives me nuts. I never thought even a glimpse, life is so freakin cruel but the fact is, it is. And there's just you face the truth or being in denial, making boundaries so other people may take their part away from you. Our families getting far, our friendship circle getting smaller and we lock up ourselves, keep it as far as being hurt again.

We are humans, we aren't normal at all. We keep looking for things to get better, as the time heals. In the end of the day, we all knew, it only ourselves to be rely on. And the next day, we hope the present to be fast-forward or we pause as long as we can. Until the promise land of the future, until we feel those happiness inside our bones.

Until then, I realized my life isn't sucks, people can't handle me is. Because I'm fckin human, and so do you. What do you expect me to do then? Being as sincere as God is, or being kind and generous like a Saint? Geez. 

Name it one single person, whose life not messy at all. Can it be you though? So don't forget, before pointing your finger to someone else, remember the other four fingers are pointing at you. That's how life supposed to be. We should think we aren't freakin perfect, so don't expect too much from others, too. 

If they wrong and making mistake, teach them and don't complain. If they hurt you, forgive. And if they did better than you, appreciate and flatter their heart because you have no idea how many times they fought to be stand on their foot now, you have no idea the sacrifice they made, and you probably have no idea what they went through. Just a little appreciate could work and life would be breathtakingly beautiful.
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